Our team at Red Apples Media is here to help bring your ideas to life through digital and traditional media graphic design.

There’s a lot of terms that you may not have seen before – that’s okay! Here’s a quick cheat sheet:

Print Collateral

A fancy way to say we’ll make graphics that promote your product, service and business. Some examples include flyers, business cards, and trifolds.

Print Ads

Newspapers, magazines and more, oh my! If you want your ad to be picked up and read in traditional media, we’ve got you covered.

Print Marketing

This is getting your ad out to every nook and cranny. This is using physical objects such as postcards, zines, and direct mail pieces to get your business off the computer and into someone’s hands.

We pride ourselves on our branding savvy at Red Apples Media – even as it applies to interior decor of a client’s office. Check out this transformation of several of the office spaces of the Brown & Brown Insurance Maitland office.

Project Management and Graphic Design by Red Apples Media. Printing and Install in partnership with Hunter Signs.


This is a graphic that portrays your business and what it’s all about.

Digital Campaigns

You know those little banner ads you see on your favorite websites? That is one of many examples of a digital campaign in action. We design ads that can be used for desktop or mobile, and your message gets out to the world.

Social Media

From Facebook to LinkedIn, to Instagram and beyond - all the cool kids are on these sites. If the younger generation can do it, so can your business. Let us help you!

Digital Signage

Just like your traditional billboard, we design graphics for a big digital design to be displayed with your message on it.

With our friends at Lake Jem, we kicked off the Cure Bowl in style with a football field-sized ad.

front square
Back Square
JJ Album Cover Middle

John Johnson’s country songs spurred us on as we worked on his CD cover design. 

President and Founder, Marc Robertz-Schwartz, brings 30+ years of marketing and production experience to his clients. During that time, he and his team have been recognized with numerous honors and awards, making Red Apples Media the area’s most honored video production company – a recognition we don’t take lightly.


Our focus is always based on what the client needs versus what the client wants. Here at Red Apples Media, we believe in “excellence in everything… period.”


Most importantly, Red Apples Media sets a standard of quality and client communication that few can match (although many try).  Don’t believe us, check out our core values.

We are not only a full-service production and marketing company, we are your partners in your projects – bringing a truckload of experience and awards, all tailored to your needs and budgets.  Self-acclaimed masters of “brand,” we take charge of messaging and distribution of the content once it’s created. Let us help you create some cool stuff.