We are often asked, “Which came first, the name or the core values?” For us, it doesn’t really matter, and we’ll let you ponder the question all you’d like.

More importantly we want our clients, staff, community and other stakeholders to know that as an organization, we are deeply committed to our core values.

Our goal is to live them, apply them, and be held accountable to them every day – no matter the project, client, or partner. 

So here they are – in all of their very specific glory. If these resonate with you, we’d probably be great partners in your next marketing and production effort.

Respect The Universe.

Excellence in everything – period.

Deliver on commitments. Over-deliver on expectations.

Anticipate client needs and opportunities.

People are our priorities. Relationships drive success.

Profits are a function of integrity, not sales.

Live for what you love. Work to make a difference.

Extraordinary is defined by actions, not words.

Solutions always provide more value than “No” or “I Can’t.”

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Red Apples Media.

We are not only a full-service production and marketing company, we are your partners in your projects – bringing a truckload of experience and awards, all tailored to your needs and budgets.  Self-acclaimed masters of “brand,” we take charge of messaging and distribution of the content once it’s created.  Let us help you create some cool stuff. 


From graphic design to websites to video production, we want to help you create the best marketing we can for your company. Let us become part of your dream team! 


President and Founder, Marc Robertz-Schwartz, brings 30+ years of marketing and production experience to his clients. During that time, he and his team have been recognized with numerous honors and awards, making Red Apples Media the area’s most honored video production company – a recognition we don’t take lightly.


Our focus is always based on what the client needs versus what the client wants (which sometimes produces lively debates, food fights and make-up hugs). Here at Red Apples Media, we believe in “excellence in everything… period.” 


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