Red Apples Media has been the "brand guardian" for a wide variety of local, state and national clients.

To begin with, “Branding” and “Marketing” are not the same thing. It is our deep understanding of how these two elements work together that has differentiated us and why so many of our clients come to us for “one thing,” but wind up tapping into our broader and more strategic branding and marketing agency services.

Branding is an attitude. Sure, it includes your name, logo and color scheme. But it’s much deeper than that. Your brand should permeate your culture – it is your “voice,” and dictates how you interact with customers/clients/patients/stake holders. Your brand clearly, concisely and quantifiably differentiates you in your marketplace and among your competitors (and yes, we ALL have competitors).

Marketing is how we convey your brand. From traditional advertising strategies such as TV, cable, radio, print and outdoor, to newer and emerging platforms such as video production, social media, website SEO, digital advertising, analytics and community engagement.

These are, of course, just some of the branding and marketing agency services offered by Red Apples Media. We customize everything we do to meet the needs, challenges, time frames and budgets of our clients. And what we don’t know or understand about your business, we can learn – with your help – very quickly. 

 We are honored and humbled by the number of our Red Apples Media clients who regard us as an extension of their in-house team – often relying on us for council or guidance, and designating us, in many cases, as their Agency of Record, entrusting Red Apples Media to manage all of their marketing efforts to maintain accuracy, continuity and accountability while they do what they do best in running their business.

Serving as your marketing agency is, without a doubt, the most complex of our offerings and the most collaborative of our relationships which is why we know you’ll thoroughly vet us while we do the same of you.

While many of our initial meetings begin with a visit to our Leesburg offices, we also welcome out-of-area inquiries via phone or zoom. And yes, we travel to many of our clients throughout the Florida and the country as well. Ready to start the conversation? Give us a call at 352-801-7106.