When you need eyes in the sky to bring your videos to the next level - call Red Apples Media

Drone videography and photography is just one of the many resources offered by Red Apples Media.  Shooting it (legally) is one thing… knowing how to properly incorporate it into your production is what differentiates us.  Check out some samples of our flights and read on!

Are you looking for a company who can help take your business to new heights?

If so, look no further. Red Apples Media offers video and photo drone services with our Part 107 licensed and insured staff pilot. Our equipment produces stunning high-resolution footage when and where regular cameras just won’t… fly.

Whether you are showcasing a house as a realtor, or a spectacular venue… maybe you’re trying to capture the majestic magnitude of your location, size of your team or impressive equipment… trying to accentuate our gorgeous landscape, or if you want dynamic and creative footage from the air to add to part of your video production, our experienced drone pilot has the skills. Not only that, we fly-by-the book so we’ll also warn you about potential conflicts and liabilities before we fly.

It’s not enough to just be able to fly, but doing so as a safe, licensed and insured professional can keep everyone out of trouble – especially if you’re using the footage to market a business or event.  And if we’re not comfortable doing it, we’ll tell you up front.

In addition, we offer:
• Single or multi-camera video production
• Live events
• Editing
Graphic design – print & digital
Podcast production
Website creation and maintenance

For more samples of our work, please visit our YouTube channel. Or just call us at 352-801-7106 for more information or use our contact form.